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  1. In women with hyperglycemia in pregnancy living in France, psychosocial deprivation is associated with both earlier and greater exposure to the condition, as well as poorer maternofetal prognosis. We explored ...

    Authors: Helene Bihan, Charlotte Nachtargeale, Eric Vicaud, Meriem Sal, Narimane Berkane, Sara Pinto, Sopio Tatulashvili, Marion Fermaut, Lionel Carbillon and Emmanuel Cosson
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:740
  2. Untreated perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD) have short- and long-term health and social consequences; online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) interventions can reduce symptoms. Despite partner supp...

    Authors: Shannon M. Canfield, Kelli E. Canada, Abigail J. Rolbiecki and Gregory F. Petroski
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:739
  3. Advances in postnatal care for hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn (HDFN) have occurred over the past decades, but little is known regarding the frequency of postnatal treatment and the clinical outcome...

    Authors: Derek P. de Winter, Allysen Kaminski, May Lee Tjoa, Dick Oepkes and Enrico Lopriore
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:738
  4. To evaluate the improvement of evaluation accuracy of cervical maturity for Chinese women with labor induction by adding objective ultrasound data and machine learning models to the existing traditional Bishop...

    Authors: Yan-Song Liu, Shan Lu, Hong-Bo Wang, Zheng Hou, Chun-Yu Zhang, Yi-Wen Chong, Shuai Wang, Wen-Zhong Tang, Xiao-Lei Qu and Yan Zhang
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:737
  5. If the purpose of maternal education is for women to take control of their own health and that of their family in the process, it is essential to have a simple instrument that allows them to self-assess, globa...

    Authors: Paola Bully, Isabel Artieta-Pinedo, Carmen Paz-Pascual, Arturo García-Álvarez and Maite Espinosa
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:736
  6. Moving evidence into practice is complex, and pregnant and birthing people and their infants do not always receive care that aligns with the best available evidence. Implementation science can inform how to ef...

    Authors: Jessica Reszel, Olivia Daub, Sandra I. Dunn, Christine E. Cassidy, Kaamel Hafizi, Marnie Lightfoot, Dahlia Pervez, Ashley Quosdorf, Allison Wood and Ian D. Graham
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:735
  7. Fetal cerebral aneurysm other than aneurysm of vein of Galen aneurysmal malformation (VGAM) is extremely rare. This report describes prenatal features of aneurysm of the posterior cerebral artery (APCA) with r...

    Authors: Pakorn Chaksuwat, Phudit Jatavan, Srimeunwai Ake-sittipaisarn, Nonthawat Chetprayuk and Theera Tongsong
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:734
  8. Prematurity is the leading cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality, specifically in low-resource settings. The majority of prematurity can be prevented if early interventions are implemented for high-risk pr...

    Authors: Bezawit Melak Fente, Mengstu Melkamu Asaye, Getayeneh Antehunegn Tesema and Temesgen Worku Gudayu
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:732
  9. Increasing access to healthcare for expectant mothers is a national goal. In Monastir, Tunisia, some Peripheral Maternity Units (PMUs) required assessment. Our goals were to describe the delivery activities in...

    Authors: Amani Maatouk, Amel Gara, Meriem Kacem, Manel Ben Fredj, Imen Zemni, Hela Abroug, Cyrine Bennasrallah, Wafa Dhouib, Samia Grira Said, Saber Garrach, Ines Zouari, Hayfa Bergaoui, Falah Raja, Ines Bouanene and Asma Belguith Sriha
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:731
  10. Neighborhood stressors (e.g., crime and deprivation) have been associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes including preterm birth and low birth weight. A potential mechanism is disruption of maternal endocrine...

    Authors: Megan C. Hansel, Hannah R. Murphy, Jessica Brunner, Christina Wang, Richard K. Miller, Thomas G. O’Connor, Emily S. Barrett and Zorimar Rivera-Núñez
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:730
  11. Preterm birth is the leading cause of neonatal and under-five mortality worldwide. It is a complex syndrome characterized by numerous etiologic pathways shaped by both maternal and fetal factors. To better und...

    Authors: Lara Miller, Christina N. Schmidt, Phillip Wanduru, Anthony Wanyoro, Nicole Santos, Elizabeth Butrick, Felicia Lester, Phelgona Otieno and Dilys Walker
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:729
  12. Essentially all women and babies irrespective of their economic and social status should reach their full potential for health and well-being. The study assessed the readiness of mothers and their preparedness...

    Authors: Abraham Rexford Oduro, Maria Anyorikeya, Patrick Ansah, Samuel Oladokun, Ernest Maya Tei, Randy Oduro-Ayeh, Paul Welaga and Seli Deh
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:728
  13. In previous systematic reviews, meta-analysis was lacking, resulting in the statistical difference between the data of different surgeries being impossible to judge. This meta-analysis aims to contrast the fer...

    Authors: Zi Lv, Yu-ying Wang, Yu-wen Wang, Jun-jie He, Wen-wei Lan, Jia-ying Peng, Zi-han Lin, Ruo-fei Zhu, Jie Zhou, Zi-qi Chen, Ying-hui Jiang, Yi Yuan and Jian Xiong
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:727
  14. Despite being at higher risk of severe disease and pregnancy complications, evidence on susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 infection in pregnancy is still limited. The aim of the study is to compare the likelihood o...

    Authors: Filomena Giulia Sileo, Laura Bonvicini, Pamela Mancuso, Massimo Vicentini, Lorenzo Aguzzoli, Asma Khalil and Paolo Giorgi Rossi
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:726
  15. The placenta serves as the sole maternal organ responsible for transmitting nutrients to the fetus, playing a crucial role in supporting standard fetal growth and development. To date, only a small number of s...

    Authors: Kangdi Zhang, Xiaomin Jia, Wenjie Yu, Xin Cheng, Yingqing Li, Xinqiang Wang, Jie Wang, Zhenhua Li, Yicheng Mao, Jiawen Zhao, Tao Li, Maolin Chen, Guopeng Gao, Chengyang Hu, Shuangqin Yan and Xiujun Zhang
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:725
  16. A meta-analysis has compared the pregnancy outcomes between women with and without RA, while the effect of disease severity on pregnancy outcomes within women with RA has not been explored. Therefore, we perfo...

    Authors: Jiamin Lv, Li Xu and Shuhui Mao
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:724
  17. Whether intrauterine transmission of COVID-19 occurs remains uncertain, and it remains unclear whether the disease affects fetuses. We present a case of intrauterine transmission of SARS-CoV-2 infection and th...

    Authors: Meixiang Zhang, Liqiong Hou, Liangyu Guo, Qichang Zhou, Hougang Zhou, Na Sang, Ting Tan, Yan Xie, Yongjun Wang, Xiaoliang Huang, Jing Liu, Chunwang Li, Beilei Huang, Yulin Peng, Yifan Kong and Yingchun Luo
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:723
  18. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the provision of global maternal health services, with an increase in home births. However, there are little data on women’s decision-making and experiences leading...

    Authors: May Sudhinaraset, Rebecca Woofter, John Mboya, Sarah Wambui, Ginger Golub and Claire-Helene Mershon
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:722
  19. Poor oral health during pregnancy has significant implications across the life course, including increased risk for adverse pregnancy, birth outcomes, and the development of early childhood caries. In efforts ...

    Authors: Cheryl A. Vamos, Morgan Richardson Cayama, Helen Mahony, Stacey B. Griner, Rocio B. Quinonez, Kim Boggess, Jason Beckstead and Ellen M. Daley
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:721
  20. Preconception care (PCC) is the term used for activities and interventions designed to address and prevent problems related to pregnancy, the neonatal period and childhood. This study assessed maternal health ...

    Authors: Ria Bala, Rohan G Maharaj, Leela Krishna Teja Boppana and Surujpal Teelucksingh
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:720
  21. Pre-eclampsia (PE) is a common condition in pregnancy; however, methods for early diagnosis and effective treatment options are lacking. Ferroptosis is a newly identified iron-dependent cell death pathway. The...

    Authors: Shuangming Cai, Shan Huang, Wenni Zhang, Huanshun Xiao, Danfeng Yu, Xuan Zhong, Pei Tao and Yiping Luo
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:719
  22. To study the validity of an artificial intelligence (AI) model for measuring fetal facial profile markers, and to evaluate the clinical value of the AI model for identifying fetal abnormalities during the firs...

    Authors: Chunya Ji, Kai Liu, Xin Yang, Yan Cao, Xiaoju Cao, Qi Pan, Zhong Yang, Lingling Sun, Linliang Yin, Xuedong Deng and Dong Ni
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:718
  23. Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, including preeclampsia, are a leading cause of perinatal morbidity and mortality in the United States, particularly among low-income and historically marginalized populatio...

    Authors: Noreen Singh, Saskia Shuman, Jacqueline Chiofalo, Mariela Cabrera and Aimee Smith
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:717
  24. Routine health facility data provides the opportunity to monitor progress in quality and uptake of health care continuously. Our study aimed to assess the reliability and usefulness of emergency obstetric care...

    Authors: Josephine Shabani, Honorati Masanja, Sophia Kagoye, Jacqueline Minja, Shraddha Bajaria, Yeromin Mlacha, Sia Msuya, Mahundi Masoud, Daudi Simba, Andrea B. Pembe, Ahmad Mohamed Makuwani, Habib Ismail, Maro Chacha, Claud Kumalija, Ties Boerma and Claudia Hanson
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:716
  25. Compared to traditional fetal heart rate monitoring (FHR) for the outpatients in clinic, remote FHR monitoring shows real-time assessment of fetal wellbeing at home. The clinical function of remote FHR monitor...

    Authors: Yujie Gan, Caixia Zhu, Yueqin Zhou, Jieying Wu, Fenge Cai, Qiang Wu, Jingwan Huang, Yanna Zhu and Haitian Chen
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:715
  26. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the postnatal period is associated with high mortality and accounts for a substantial proportion of maternal deaths. Although postnatal care has been identified as critical in reducing m...

    Authors: Anna Öjendal, Herborg Holter, Helen Elden, Sanura Salim and Malin Bogren
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:714
  27. The study investigated whether specific ultrasonographically observed endometrial features (including endometrium type and thickness) were linked to ectopic pregnancy after stimulated cycles with fresh embryo ...

    Authors: Ying Zhao, Aizhuang Xu, Dong’e Liu, Nenghui Liu, Yumei Li, Zhongyuan Yao, Fen Tian, Hongying Tang and Yanping Li
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:713
  28. There is an urgent global call for health systems to strengthen access to quality sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn and adolescent health, particularly for the most vulnerable. Professional midwives with...

    Authors: Rondi Anderson, Sojib Bin Zaman, Abdun Naqib Jimmy, Jonathan M Read and Mark Limmer
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:712
  29. The upper limit for thyroid-stimulating hormone has been strictly defined for pregnancy management, at which point levothyroxine replacement therapy will been initiated. However, it is essential to exclude adr...

    Authors: Ken Kanazawa, Tatsuro Inaba, Shinichiro Koga and Koichiro Kuwabara
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:711
  30. Independently, active maternal and environmental tobacco smoke exposure and maternal stress have been linked to an increased risk of preterm birth and low birth weight. An understudied relationship is the pote...

    Authors: Shelby S. Yamamoto, Shahirose S. Premji, Vineet Saini, Sheila W. McDonald and Gian S. Jhangri
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:710
  31. Body image dissatisfaction refers to negative thoughts and feelings individuals have towards their own body appearance and this is thought to be affected by the physiological changes that occur during pregnanc...

    Authors: Anna Elizabeth Crossland, Lydia Munns, Elizabeth Kirk and Catherine Elizabeth Jane Preston
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:709
  32. Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a common pregnancy-related disorder and a well-known risk factor for adverse pregnancy outcomes. There are conflicting findings on the association of GDM with the risk of...

    Authors: Jenni Kinnunen, Hilkka Nikkinen, Elina Keikkala, Sanna Mustaniemi, Mika Gissler, Hannele Laivuori, Johan G. Eriksson, Risto Kaaja, Anneli Pouta, Eero Kajantie and Marja Vääräsmäki
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:708
  33. Antepartum and intrapartum hemorrhage from vasa previa (VP) is one of the main causes of intrauterine fetal death (IUFD). Here, we present two cases with type I VP in which velamentous cord insertion below the...

    Authors: Pin Li, Xiuyu Pan, Chaomin Yue, Zheng Zheng and Huishu Liu
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:707
  34. The updated World Health Organization (WHO) guideline recommends immediate kangaroo mother care (KMC) for all infants, particularly those born preterm. However, its uptake and sustainability have been unsatisf...

    Authors: Wai Cheng Foong, Siew Cheng Foong, Jacqueline J. Ho, Divya Gautam, Jen Jen Leong, Pek Yong Tan and Mehala Baskaran
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:706
  35. Staff shortages and quality in obstetric care is a concern in most healthcare systems and a hot topic in the public debate that has centred on complaints about deficient care. However there has been a lack of ...

    Authors: Sisse Walløe, Søren Bie Bogh, Søren Fryd Birkeland, Lone Kjeld Pedersen, Annemette Wildfang Lykkebo, Lise Lotte Torvin Andersen, Britta Frederiksen-Møller and Lars Morsø
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:705
  36. Mother-to-infant bonding (MIB) is critical for the health and well-being of the mother and child. Furthermore, MIB has been shown to boost the social-emotional development of infants, while also giving mothers...

    Authors: Gui Yang, Aya Hisada, Midori Yamamoto, Akiko Kawanami, Chisato Mori and Kenichi Sakurai
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:704
  37. There is a dearth of robust evidence regarding the correlation between psoriasis with maternal and neonatal outcomes, making it challenging to establish definitive recommendations for the management of these p...

    Authors: Shoboo Rahmati, Hossein Moameri, Neda Malek Mohammadi, Mojtaba Norouzi, Nima Ghalekhani, Amin Beigzadeh, Nasrin Changizi and Hamid Sharifi
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:703
  38. We aimed to develop an accurate model to predict live birth for patients receiving in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET) treatment.

    Authors: Shihui Meng, Cheng Shi, Yingying Jia, Min Fu, Tianzhen Zhang, Na Wu, Hongjing Han and Huan Shen
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:702
  39. The third stage of labor is the shortest, most critical, and hazardous stage as it is linked with postpartum hemorrhage, the leading cause of maternal mortality and morbidity. Postpartum hemorrhage can be prev...

    Authors: Birhane Fissahaye, Merga Dheresa, Nega Assefa, Dejene Tesfaye, Addis Eyeberu, Bikila Balis, Adera Debella, Berhe Gebremichael and Tamirat Getachew
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:701
  40. Fetoscopic laser coagulation of placental anastomoses reverses the pathological process in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, thereby increasing survival, but there are a paucity of studies addressing long-ter...

    Authors: Angela Guzys, Susan M. Reid, Christie Bolch, Dinah S. Reddihough, Mark Teoh, Ricardo Palma-Dias, Alison Fung, Stephen Cole, Ryan Hodges, Michael Fahey and Susan P. Walker
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:699
  41. Previous studies looked into the connections between pregnancy and the Zona Pellucida (ZP) thickness and Zona Pellucida Thickness Variation (ZPTV), as well as the embryo’s radius, circumference, perimeter and ...

    Authors: Y Alhelou, M Hamdan, N Razali, NAM Adenan and J Ali
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:698
  42. CCL2 and CXCL10 are putative biomarkers for the prediction of spontaneous preterm birth. This study evaluates these markers in a cohort of pregnant high-risk women.

    Authors: Jessica Alana Hoffmann, Kathleen Gründler, Dagmar- Ulrike Richter and Johannes Stubert
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:697
  43. Bangladesh has made laudable progress in maternal and child health (MCH). Maternal and child mortalities have reduced substantially accompanied by stellar rise in immunization and contraceptive prevalence rate...

    Authors: Zerin Jannat, Md. Wazed Ali, Nurul Alam and Md. Jasim Uddin
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:696
  44. Women with pre-pregnancy obesity have an increased risk of retaining or gaining weight postpartum and may benefit from weight loss treatment. However, evidence is lacking for weight loss strategies in women wi...

    Authors: Elisabeth A. Øhman, Maria Fossli, Inger Ottestad, Kirsten B. Holven, Stine M. Ulven, Beate F. Løland and Hilde K. Brekke
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:695
  45. Since 2007 all pregnant women in the Netherlands are offered the second-trimester anomaly scan (SAS) in a nationwide prenatal screening program. This study aims to assess the level of informed choice of women ...

    Authors: Eline E.R. Lust, Kim Bronsgeest, Lidewij Henneman, Neeltje Crombag, Caterina M. Bilardo, Elsbeth H. van Vliet-Lachotzki, Robert-Jan H. Galjaard, Esther Sikkel, Monique C. Haak and Mireille N. Bekker
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:694
  46. Adequate antenatal care services (ANC) use is critical to identifying and reducing pregnancy risks. Despite the importance placed on adequate antenatal care service utilization, women in Uganda continue to und...

    Authors: Moses Festo Towongo, Enock Ngome, Kannan Navaneetham and Gobopamang Letamo
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:692

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