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Table 2 Percentage of women delivering in public and private facilities reporting receiving each component of immediate postpartum care and all components, by type of residence, household wealth and type of delivery on the 2014 Egypt DHS

From: Childbirth care in Egypt: a repeat cross-sectional analysis using Demographic and Health Surveys between 1995 and 2014 examining use of care, provider mix and immediate postpartum care content

 Baby breastfed in < 1 hBaby weighedMother checked before dischargeMinimum acceptable lentgh of stayAll four components
Type of residence
 Urban26%23%0.12168%75%0.00293%95%0.02914%6%< 0.0012%1%0.213
 Rural31%25%< 0.00157%66%< 0.00187%91%< 0.00114%5%< 0.0013%1%< 0.001
Household wealth
 Poorer30%23%0.00252%59%0.00285%89%0.00216%5%< 0.0012%1%< 0.001
 Wealthier26%23%0.12771%75%0.01793%95%0.01913%6%< 0.0012%1%0.090
Type of delivery
 Vaginal40%36%0.04555%63%< 0.00184%85%0.70318%11%< 0.0014%2%0.009
 C-section17%19%0.39569%71%0.06795%96%0.2849%2%< 0.0011%0%0.001
All women29%24%< 0.00162%69%< 0.00189%92%< 0.00114%5%< 0.0012%1%< 0.001