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Table 2 Mean knowledge about EBP, normal birth, and cesarean of pregnant women before visiting the intervention

From: Changes in perceived knowledge about childbirth among pregnant women participating in the Senses of Birth intervention in Brazil: a cross-sectional study

 EBP Knowledge DomainNormal Birth Knowledge DomainCesarean Knowledge Domain
CharacteristicsMeanStd. DeviationP-valueMeanStd. DeviationP-valueMeanStd. DeviationP-value
 19–34 years3.121.0790.037**3.680.9480.012**3.510.9860.014**
  ≥ 35 years3.281.0813.850.8913.680.967
  ≤ 12 years2.480.8880.000**3.310.9920.000**2.970.9860.000**
  > 12 years3.451.0283.900.8583.800.866
Incomea, d
  < 2 MW2.500.9100.000**3.370.9700.000**2.990.9860.000**
 2 to < 5 MW3.001.0503.610.9473.450.866
 5 to < 10 MW3.481.0103.870.8583.790.983
  ≥ 10 MW3.780.9064.130.7594.070.986
 Raceb, c
 Black and Others2.961.0713.570.9853.351.021
First Pregnancyb
Private Health Insuranceb
Prenatal Care Coverageb, c
 SUS (Public)2.961.1100.000**3.611.0030.003**3.301.0520.000**
Pregnancy Trimester at the time of the interventionb, c
 1st or 2nd3.081.0390.000**3.640.9200.000**3.500.9210.000**
  1. aMonthly Minimum Wage in 2015: R$788.00 = U$224.14
  2. bWelch Test of Equality of Means – P-value ≤0.05
  3. cLevene Statistics – P-value ≥0.05
  4. dTukey Test – P-value ≤0.05
  5.  **P value ≤0.001
  6. *** P-value was not reported since variables did not meet assumption criteria of distribution of means