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Table 7 Qualitative responses of women participating in the intervention

From: Can a text message a week improve breastfeeding?

Themes (number of responses) Exemplar quotes
Supported (33) "As though there was support there and as the reply came back - I felt confident and ok about everything again. The reply being instant made me feel like there was someone there to listen and help with advice"
"Good that somebody was interested in my breastfeeding, and not because I asked them to be interested (like family are interested because you make them interested)"
"When I messaged that I had an issue, the message of support was just as important as the suggestion of what to do"
Encouraged (16) "Felt encouraged. No one else has been telling me I'm doing a great job, so even though it was a computer it still gave me a little lift. Made me sad also though that no one in my life has told me I'm doing a good job. I feel supported by people in my life in that they aren't saying anything negative, but I'm not getting anything positive either. I did when I was seeing my LC, but now that feeding is going well I don't see her anymore"
Good (12) "Good about myself and having useful information sent to me"
Confident (5) "They gave me a confidence boost"
Connected (5) "Part of a group"