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Table 4 Negative experiences

From: Experiences with use of technology and telehealth among women with perinatal depression

  Participant Quotes
Use of Technology “The technology… I try to be 20 minutes early for this and I was 10 minutes late, just finding the email, getting in, getting the passwords to work. It’s usually annoying and it was occasionally prohibitive.”
Lack of Community “I had hopes that there would be more interaction with the group and not just the singular like the instructor structure and the instruction.”
Content/Manual: Too Much Information “…there were so many different methods that I didn’t feel like
I got to try them all out.”
Facilitator: Not Enough Connection with Members “I think we ran out of time a lot and maybe it’s just figuring out the material or figuring out how much conversation needs to be had or maybe there’s just the opportunity to talk afterward. I mean, she was open if we needed to talk but I think for us, it was kind of time prohibitive.”