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Table 2 Timeline of hospital policies

From: “I had so many life-changing decisions I had to make without support”: a qualitative analysis of women’s pregnant and postpartum experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic

  Pre-COVID-19 Post-COVID-19
Masks No masking Required for patients, visitors, and staff in all areas of hospital
Prenatal/Postnatal Care In-person In-person and virtual options
Inpatient visitors No limitations on number, age, or hours Initially 1 consistent visitor > 16 years old with no hospital re-entry allowed
Later transitioned to 2 consistent visitors > 5 years old with re-entry allowed
COVID positive women   Initially no visitors and infant stays with mother unless in NICU
Later transitioned to allow approved visitation with appropriate PPE
Hallway access for walks during inpatient stay Unrestricted Unavailable for all initially, but later unrestricted if COVID test negative
NICU visitation Limited to 2 consistent individuals during flu seasons Initially 1 consistent visitor, but later 2 consistent visitors