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Table 1 Criteria for evaluation of adherence to guidelines

From: Promptness of oxytocin administration for first-line treatment of postpartum hemorrhage: a national vignette-based study among midwives

Pharmacological management
 First line uterotonic: oxytocin in step1
 Second line uterotonic: sulprostone (prostaglandin E2 analogue) in step2
 No misoprostol (prostaglandin E1 analogue) in any step
Non-pharmacological management
 Manual placental delivery, manual examination of the uterine cavity in step1
 No intrauterine tamponade in step 1
 No torsion of the cervix in step 1
 Uterine massage in steps 1 or 2
 Cervical examination with speculum in steps 1 or 2
 No surgical treatment in steps 1 or 2
 No selective arterial embolization in steps 1or 2
 Surgical treatment, selective arterial embolization and/or intrauterine tamponade in step 3
Communication, monitoring and investigation:
 Alert other members of the team in steps 1 or 2
 Venipuncture with blood count, hemostasis in steps 1 or 2
 Resuscitation measure in steps 1 or 2