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Table 4 Shows dietary habit of pregnant women in Awash Seven District, Ethiopia

From: Dietary diversity practice and its influencing factors among pregnant women in Afar region of Ethiopia: mixed method study

Variables Categories No (%)
Dietary diversity Poor 176 (73)
Good 65 (27)
Frequency of food taking per day Three times 178 (74.2)
Four times 40 (16.7)
Five times 22 (9.2)
Are there certain types of food taboos? Yes 90 (37.3)
No 151 (62.7)
Types of foods avoided during pregnancy Reason for prohibition  
Protein (meat and egg) Producing a big fetus 53 (58.9)
Semi-solid foods (porridge and cereal made soup) Attached to the fetus body 12 (13.3)
Milk Producing a large fetus and attaching to the fetus's body 11 (12.2)
Fruit and vegetable (banana and cabbage) Attached to the fetus body 7 (7.8)
Carbohydrate (bread and other sweet foods) Producing big fetus 7 (7.8)