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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: What are the strategies for implementing primary care models in maternity? A systematic review on midwifery units

  Inclusion Exclusion
Participants All stakeholders involved in implementing midwifery units: maternity teams, health institutions, professionals, service users Models of care not specific to midwifery, birth settings managed or led by obstetricians or other healthcare professionals other than midwives, home births
Phenomenon of interest The process of implementation of a new MU which could be successful or not. For successful implementation we mean the establishment of a new MU after a process of change in the maternity care setting. Focus on improvements of existing MUs
Focus just on clinical outcomes or technical quality of care.
Focus on specific issue (e.g. smoking cessation, vaginal birth after caesarean - VBAC).
Outcomes Implementation outcomes like acceptability, adoption, appropriateness, costs, feasibility, fidelity, penetration and sustainability. No focus or substantial data on questions relating to implementation, sustaining and uptake or scaling up.
Study design All designs including action research, grounded theory, ethnography, mixed methods studies that include qualitative data collection and analysis. No restrictions on the types of study design were applied.
Study focus Studies will need to cover aspects related to implementation outcomes in the data collection and analysis with particular attention to any relevant aspect or strategy related to the establishment of a new MU. Clinical or technical quality of care.
Focus on specific health issue (e.g. smoking cessation, VBAC).
Setting Both alongside (AMU) and freestanding (FMU) midwifery units.
Birthing rooms physically/organisationally separated from  the main OU.
Maternity systems willing to/in the process of implementing a new MU.
Private and public services
All countries
Time period No time restriction  
Language English, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French Other languages that the team would not be able to translate adequately.
Publication type Peer reviewed articles
Dissertation and theses
Research reports
Any piece of research which cannot be peer reviewed by the research team
(books, opinion pieces, commentaries, diaries etc.)