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Table 3 Variables included in the composite outcomes and other variables for evaluation of the MAC program

From: Study protocol for a modified antenatal care program for pregnant women with a low risk for adverse outcomes—a stepped wedge cluster non-inferiority randomized trial

Antenatal care
Obstetric outcomes Neonatal outcomes
Question about experience of violence and alcohol habits
Recommended weight gain for women with body mass index (BMI) 19.0–29.9
Fear of childbirth-counselling
Premature birth
 < gestational week 34 + 0
Pregnancy-induced hypertension
Small for gestational age
Large for gestational age
Apgar > 7 at 5 min
Admission to neonatal intensive care unit
Tobacco use
Breastfeeding initiation
Breastfeeding 4 weeks postpartum
Treatment for mental illness
Self-judged health
Gestational diabetes mellitus
Urinary tract infection
Pregnancy complications e.g. intrahepatic cholestasis, premature contractions
Intrauterine fetal death
Other neonatal complications e.g. jaundice, hypoglycemia
Newborn small for gestational age that has been identified Undiagnosed fetal breech presentation
Induction of labor
Vaginal birth after cesarean
Instrumental delivery
Cesarean section
Maternal death