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Table 3 Staff and Peer Perspective Analysis Themes and subthemes across staff midwives (MW) and health visitor (HV) and peer facilitator (PF) groups

From: Facilitating Perinatal Access to Resources and Support (PeARS): a feasibility study with external pilot of a novel intervention

Theme Subtheme
1.Feasible to integrate within existing services and practices (MW HV PF) Acceptability
Added value
Conducting the intervention
2.Intervention implementation issues (MW HV PF) Intervention timing in pregnancy
Who should be eligible
3. Managing expectations and emotions (MW PF) Managing exclusions
Managing emotions when conducting the intervention: developing confidence
4.Peer facilitator training and supervision (PF) Length
Obstacles dealt with
Supervisor recommendations
5.What a valuable tool to have: benefits of the interactive community map (MW HV PF) Visual tool
Means of empowerment
Overarching theme: Going where women are Locations – going to women
Managing Mistrust
Acknowledging women’s needs