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Table 1 Womens needs and exemplars of community services and resources

From: Facilitating Perinatal Access to Resources and Support (PeARS): a feasibility study with external pilot of a novel intervention

What if I want to? Type of service/ resource Example of service/ resource
Improve my health, wellbeing and fitness Local Health & Fitness services MAMA fit
Meet new people and take part in local activities Local Leisure activities Everton in the Community
Learn about and prepare for being a new mum (antenatally) / Learn about activities for me & baby( postnatally) Local pregnancy/postnatal support Antenatal classes Pregnancy massage //Postnatal groups
Talk about how 1’m feeling Local and national wellbeing and support services Relate Cheshire & Merseyside/ Family Helpline
Seek advice & support Local Advice with housing, benefits, etc Citizen’s Advice Bureau
Learn something new or find a job Local Adult learning Community Centre and local College courses
Speak to a health professional General Practitioners/Midwives Local Health centres
Find breast feeding friendly places (postnatal only) Local directories