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Table 2 Different types of vaginal microbiota Lactobacillaceae clusters in pregnant women in the sub-Saharan African region

From: Composition of the vaginal microbiota during pregnancy in women living in sub-Saharan Africa: a PRISMA-compliant review

Included articles that used VMB clustering Price et al. Gudza et al. Brabin et al. Borgdorff et al. Gautam et al. Bisanz et al. Frank et al. Donders et al.
Name of cluster Community state type (CST) ClusterR Cluster KRST Not formulated Genus-level clustering morpho-types grades
Lactobacillus dominant       Cluster 1 Grade 1
L.crispatus dominant CST-I CST-I CST-I R-I KRST-I    
L.gasseri dominant CST-II CST-II       
L.iners dominant CST-III CST-III CST-III R-II KRST-II    
L.jensenii CST-V CST-V       
  1. CST community state types numeric system described by Ravel et al., [2]. R-clusters, vaginal microbiota cluster method in Rwandese women as described in Borgdorff et al. [36]. KRST-clusters, vaginal microbiota cluster method in Kenyan, Rwandese, South African and Tanzanian women as describe in Gautam et al. [8]