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Table 5 Gestational diabetes education sessions at study hospitals for newly diagnosed women

From: Gestational diabetes mellitus: a qualitative study of lived experiences of South Asian immigrant women and perspectives of their health care providers in Melbourne, Australia

Study hospitals Education type Education content
Hospital A Individual and small group education sessions 1st session (2–3 days post-diagnosis)
With a Diabetes Nurse Educator on what is gestational diabetes and how to test, record readings, monitor and manage
2nd session (7–10 days post diagnosis)
With a Dietitian along with a record book/diary of Blood Glucose Level (BGL) readings. Based on the record book – advice provided on importance of healthy eating, nutrition in pregnancy, and a target range of BGL maintenance; and how to maintain with diet and exercise
Hospital B Split group sessions of 2 + hours
English speaking and Non-English speaking with interpreters
Topics covered:
What is gestational diabetes mellitus and self-management of condition including testing, reading, recording, and monitoring of BGLs, and how to use glucometer
Importance of diet and exercise in management of the condition. Broad information on nutrition in pregnancy, healthy eating – information on carbohydrate, sugar and fat intake
Hospital C Group session 2 + hours long
Non-English-speaking women are seen individually with interpreters
1st hour on what is gestational diabetes mellitus with a Diabetes Nurse Educator; and
2nd hour on importance of healthy eating and exercise in pregnancy with a Dietitian