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Table 1 The contents of the behavioral activation therapy program

From: Internet-based behavioural activation to improve depressive symptoms and prevent child abuse in postnatal women (SmartMama): a protocol for a pragmatic randomized controlled trial

Sessions Title Contents
0 Introduction Introduction on changes that occur in perinatal periods that affect your activities
1 Understanding the depression cycle Learning about relationship between your mood and behaviours, and exercise to fill out the mood diary.
2 Self-monitoring, self-care Learning about self-monitoring skills.
3 Identifying the patterns to get stuck in you depressive mood Understanding the Triggers-Reactions-Avoidance Patterns (TRAPs) model.
4 Case study Case studies on how a trigger event induces feeling (reaction), causing avoidance pattern. Writing about your own case using a TRAP model.
5 Altenative coping stratigies Looking for althernative activities as a mother
6 Case Study Case studies on using alternative coping. Analyse your own case to come up with althernative behaviours.
7 Support and communication Understanding your need for support and how communication needs to be changed during perinatal period.
8 Communication strategies Learning communication strategies to ask for help and support in a comfortable way.
9 Being a “good-enough” mom Identifying your own “mummy goals” and using althernative coping strategies to meet them.
10 TRAPs aroug being a good enough mom Looking at your TRAP case and how to turn into altenative coping behaviours.
11 Staying well Looking back over the course and identify the strategies that were effective and helpful.
12 Planning ahead Identify your warning signals and plan your strategies to feel better.