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Table 2 Theme categories and clusters

From: The lived experiences of pregnant women during COVID-19 pandemic: a descriptive phenomenological study

Themes Clusters
1. Disruption of the tranquility and regular routines of daily life
Emotional responses  
  A. Intense stress
  B. Fear of infection
  C. Concerns
  D. Sense of loneliness and lack of support
  E. Depression and loneliness in quarantine
Behavioral responses  
  A. Practical obsessions
  B. Change in nutrition
  C. Adhering to quarantine
  D. Adhering to sanitarian protocols
  E. Following the news
2. New challenges caused by the epidemic
  A. Problems in acquiring health products
  B. Disruptions in receiving health-care
  C. Cancellation childbirth preparatory classes
3. Resilience and strength in facing the crisis
  A. Creation of a WhatsApp social media group
  B. Holding virtual childbirth-preparatory classes
4. Adaptation with new conditions
  A. Reduction in stress
  B. Regulations in the levels of adherence the sanitarian protocols