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Table 4 Qualitative content analysis codes, response rates, and exemplar quotes

From: Stressors, coping, and resources needed during the COVID-19 pandemic in a sample of perinatal women

  Pregnant (n = 42) Postpartum
(N = 37)
What are you most worried about regarding COVID-19 and your pregnancy? Or if you have already delivered your baby, what are you most worried about regarding COVID-19 and newly parenting?
 Baby contracting COVID-19 52%
“I am most worried that a wave of COVID-19 will be a risk to my baby after I deliver in October. I know that logically, newborns and infants are not a high-risk group if they contract COVID-19, but I still feel sick at the idea of my new baby at risk for the virus.” #119, pregnant
“I am worried that the general consensus of ‘COVID doesn’t affect kids’ is totally wrong […] the disease is so new that we don’t really know for sure.” #142, postpartum
 Self or partner contracting COVID-19 38%
“I am worried about contracting COVID while pregnant. There are still so many unknowns and I am worried about it causing pregnancy complications.” #105, pregnant
“I had a c-section and during that time I was worried that if I caught COVID my immune system wouldn’t be able to cope. I was afraid to die and leave my baby behind.” #126, postpartum
“Not being able to take care of him if I were to get severely sick from COVID-19.” #148, postpartum
“Me or my husband contracting the virus and giving it to our newborn.” #162, postpartum
 Isolating from baby should mom or baby have COVID-19 17%
“I am most worried about being separated from my baby when I deliver if I test positive and that’s the hospital’s policy.” #87, pregnant
“That COVID will separate my baby from me.” #139, postpartum
 Family/others missing key OB appointments & events 24%
“A hospital having a policy that my husband cannot be in the delivery room, a local outbreak occurring so that my parents cannot safely visit the baby.” #104, pregnant
 Lack of social support 2%
“Not having support. As a first-time mom and trying to social distance means no help from friends and family.” #158, postpartum
 Finances & resources 5%
“I’m worried that my husband and I won’t have enough money to support our baby.” #97, pregnant
“When I had my baby was when everyone was panic buying […] I could not get wipes, diapers, or a thermometer in store for a bit. People were also hoarding distilled water and formula which left me panicking that I wouldn’t have the items needed when baby came home.” #132, postpartum
 New world for baby 0%
“What kind of world I will be raising my baby in.”
#159, postpartum
“I’m most worried about the world around us changing so drastically that I can’t give my baby the life I had planned on.” #127, postpartum
Are there things that you are lacking (food, diapers, etc.) that are making you feel stressed or anxious?
 Cleaning and baby supplies 12%
“I have had a hard time getting diapers, formula, wipes and other nursing/pumping supplies. In addition, many cleaning products are out of stock (everything from hand wash, dish soap to disinfectants) which are needed in greater quantities with a newborn.” #137, postpartum
 Financial support 21%
“My business has been closed since March 17th which has caused a lot of stress and a financial strain.” #88, pregnant
 Social support 7%
“Not having my family to support me because we are isolating ourselves.” #95, pregnant
 Childcare 2%
“Yes, husband deployed, so lack of partner support and for childcare for my other child during appointments […]” #124, pregnant
“Support groups, finances, support from work to care for child, safe childcare options or longer time to stay at home with child.” #134 postpartum
What resources would be most helpful to you?
 COVID-19 info 38%
“More information concerning how to best protect myself and a newborn during a pandemic.” #116, pregnant
“I wish to see more studies about pregnant women who contracted COVID-19. I would feel better if there was more information about what could possibly happen if I were to get COVID-19 while pregnant.” #119, pregnant
“Medical resources and cases of how other newborns and infants have been affected if they are infected.” #149, postpartum
 Financial assistance 14%
“Unemployment has been so hard to get a hold of and their website crashes every time I try to apply because of traffic on the site. I wish there was a more local number or somewhere I could get financial help […].” #85, pregnant
“Grants for small businesses. Right now we are only getting loans and minimal unemployment for my husband.” #88, pregnant
 Healthcare access 36%
“Resources for online classes that used to be in person - birth classes, hypnobirthing, breastfeeding.” #121, pregnant
“I think the most helpful resource would be more lactation support or more support for postpartum depression during a pandemic.” #128, postpartum
 Access to groceries and supplies 5%
“Fair access to diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies.” #106, pregnant
“Updated list of in stock items available on store websites.” #153, postpartum
 Workplace needs 5%
“More talking about risks we are facing and how to minimize risks, while at work. Especially when it comes to pregnancy and working in a health care environment.” #93, pregnant
 Social support 10%
“Online support group/chat for new parents in this time.” #113, postpartum
“It would be nice to be able to have more support from family.” #109, pregnant
 Childcare 2%
“More affordable childcare options for essential workers that allow pre-enrollment meetings.” #146, postpartum
“Family being able to help take care of baby.” #162, postpartum
  1. Note. Percentages do not sum to 100% as participants were allowed to provide several answers to each question