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Table 1 Yamaguchi criteria for the diagnosis of adult-onset Still’s disease [2]

From: A case of recurrence of adult-onset Still’s disease in the third trimester: a case report and literature review

Major criteria Fever ≥39 °C lasting ≥1 week
Arthralgia or arthritis lasting ≥2 weeks
Typical nonpruritic salmon-colored rash
Leukocytosis ≥10,000/μl with granulocytes ≥80%
Minor criteria Sore throat
Abnormal liver function tests
Negative tests for antinuclear antibody and rheumatoid factor
Exclusion criteria Infection
Other rheumatic disease (vasculitis)
  1. Diagnosis of adult-onset Still’s disease if ≥5 criteria are present with ≥2 being major criteria and no exclusion criteria