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Table 1 Criteria to identify neonatal near-miss cases. This Table shows the criteria to identify neonatal near-miss cases in HU-CSH and Adare General Hospitals, Hawassa City, Southern Ethiopia, 2019

From: Neonatal near misses and associated factors among mother’s who give a live neonate at Hawassa City governmental hospitals, 2019: a facility based cross-sectional study design

Criteria Descriptions
Pragmatic criteria Birth weight less than 1750 g, Gestational Age less than 33 weeks and Apgar score less than 7 at 5 min [11, 21]
Management severity criteria Respiratory distress, blood transfusion, presence of infection with clinical concern, Bile stained vomiting, feeding problems severe enough to cause clinical concern, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Congenital Malformations, Convulsion, Surgery, Phototherapy within 24 h of life, Parenteral intravenous drugs or nutrition, Any intubation [11, 21].