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Table 2 Sleep questions

From: Sleep complaints in early pregnancy. A cross-sectional study among women attending prenatal care in general practice

 Does not have the sleep problemDoes have the sleep problems
  No complaintsMild complaintsModerate complaintsSevere complaints
“Fall asleep”
 Has it taken you a long time to fall asleep in the past week?1026/133877%30/3129%171/31255%68/31222%43/31214%
 Have you been worried* about taking along time to fall asleep?  0/300%1/1711%11/6816%13/4330%
“Waking up too early”
 Have you been waking up too early in the past week?709/133853%124/62920%334/62953%116/62918%55/6299%
 Have you been worried* about waking up too early?  0/1240%1/3340%16/11614%5/559%
“Lying awake most of the night”
 Have you been lying awake most of the night in the past week?1155/133886%5/1833%58/18332%55/18330%65/18335%
 Have you been worried* about lying awake most of the night?  0/50%1/582%8/5515%16/6525%
  1. Answers to questions about sleep problems (n = 1338). The answers were divided into two groups: no problems (“does not have the sleep problem”) or when problems were present the women were asked to grade the problem as no, mild, moderate or severe complaints. The percentage shown for the graded problems are subgroups of the whole group concerning problems, while the numbers are exact. Those with a problem were also asked if the problem had worried them (“no, mildly, moderately or severely”)