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Table 2 Ultrasonic signs related to hysterectomy and blood loss in surgery

From: Prediction of cesarean hysterectomy in placenta previa complicated with prior cesarean: a retrospective study

 HysterectomyControlP value
Vascular lacunae (%)17(68)16(8.2)< 0.001
Loss of normal hypoechoic retroplacental zone (%)22(88)9(4.6)< 0.001
Retroplacental myometrial thinness (%)4(16)5(2.6)0.011
Placental thickness (%)12(48)8(4.1)< 0.001
Central Placenta previa (%)22(88)56(28.9)< 0.001
Anterior Placenta previa (%)25(100)102(54.8)< 0.001