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Table 3 Physical activity characteristics of pregnant women attending antenatal care at public and private health facilities in Mekelle, Ethiopia, May 2018 (n = 299)

From: Physical activity and associated factors among pregnant women in Ethiopia: facility-based cross-sectional study

VariablesFrequency n (%)
Exercise advise from a medical professional
 Yes211 (70.6)
 No88 (29.4)
Exercise advised by
 Medical doctor50 (16.7)
 Nurse/midwives88 (29.5)
 Health officer1 (0.3)
 Health extension package72 (24.1)
Method of education on exercise advice
 Individual181 (60.5)
 In a group of other pregnant women29 (9.8)
 Brochure1 (0.3)
A habit of exercise before pregnancy
 Yes227 (75.9)
 No72 (24.1)
A habit of exercise while pregnant
 I continued doing exercises110 (36.8)
 I stopped the exercises45 (15.1)
 I continued to exercise but slowed down72 (24.1)
Reasons stopped exercise activities during pregnancy
 Fear of miscarriage35 (11.7)
 Too Tired5 (1.7)
 Having no time3 (1.1)
 Discomfort1 (0.3)
 Dislikes exercise1 (0.3)
Comfortable environment
 Yes231 (77.3)
 No68 (22.7)
Reasons for lack of comfortable environment
 Lack of a safe and secure environment48 (16)
 Cold temperature5 (1.7)
 Lack of accessibility to do exercise10 (3.3)
 Others5 (1.7)
Self-evaluation of physical activity level prior to pregnancy
 Low40 (13.4)
 Moderate237 (79.3)
 High22 (7.4)
Self-evaluation of current physical activity
 Less active123 (41.1)
 Increased activity29 (9.7)
 No change147 (49.2)
Habitual (usual) exercises with husband or partner
 Yes193 (64.8)
 No106 (35.2)
Sources of information about exercisea
 Books and newspapers13 (4.3)
 Friends or relatives69 (23.1)
 Multi-Media89 (29.8)
 Medical/Health institutions145 (48.5)
 Public announcement6 (2.0)
The person who encouraged you to exercisea
 Husband or partner54 (18.1)
 Medical staff36 (12.0)
 Other family members or friends6 (2.0)
 Herself214 (71.6)
Preferred mode of exercisea
 Walking slowly258 (86.3)
 Dancing17 (5.7)
 Prenatal exercise class14 (4.7)
 Swimming2 (0.7)
 Walking quickly11 (3.7)
 Climb hill2 (0.7)
 Running slowly8 (2.7)
 Running quickly1 (0.3)
  1. a could choose more than one