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Table 2 Logistic regression predicting the likelihood of symptoms of perinatal depression among women in selected health centres and the affiliated district hospital in Rwanda

From: A cross-sectional study of the prevalence and factors associated with symptoms of perinatal depression and anxiety in Rwanda

Independent variablesBWalddfpOdds Ratio95% C.I.% Screen High EPDS Within Group
Age 7.8430.05    
 24 or less1.061.5210.222.890.5315.6450.9
 35 or more (r)    1.00  66.7
Level of education 8.7420.01    
 No Education0.690.9910.322.000.517.8376.7
 Secondary or more (r)    1.00  36.4
Relationship with husband*
 Poor(r)    1.00  86.3
Number of children* 10.4840.03    
No Child−2.108.2910.
Four and more (r)    1.00  73.5
Stressful life events
 At least one (r)    1.00  61.5
  1. *: Predictors with a p < .05, “r”: Reference category, df degree of freedom, p p-value, B Regression coefficients