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Table 3 Beliefs on taking medication during pregnancy

From: Self-medication and knowledge among pregnant women attending primary healthcare services in Malang, Indonesia: a cross-sectional study

Beliefs on medication in pregnancyTotal
(n = 333)
n (%)
All medicines can be harmful to the fetusa
 Agree84 (25.2)
 Uncertain61 (18.3)
 Disagree188 (56.5)
It is better for the fetus that pregnant women refrain from using medicines during pregnancy, even when they were not pregnant and have illness, they would have taken medicinesa
 Agree204 (61.3)
 Uncertain24 (7.2)
 Disagree105 (31.5)
Pregnant women have a higher threshold for using medicine when pregnant than when not pregnanta
 Agree280 (84.1)
 Uncertain27 (8.1)
 Disagree26 (7.8)
Many unborn children are saved because the mother take medicines during pregnancy when they have illnessa
 Agree178 (53.5)
 Uncertain87 (26.1)
 Disagree68 (20.4)
It is better for the fetus if the mother take medicines and get well than having untreated illness during pregnancya
 Agree210 (63.1)
 Uncertain61 (18.3)
 Disagree62 (18.6)
Doctors prescribe too many medicines to pregnant womena
 Agree73 (21.9)
 Uncertain40 (12)
 Disagree220 (66.1)
Natural remedies can generally be used by pregnant women
 Agree205 (61.6)
 Uncertain67 (20.1)
 Disagree61 (18.3)
Pregnant women more likely to use natural remedies during pregnancy
 Agree185 (55.6)
 Uncertain67 (20.1)
 Disagree81 (24.3)
Pregnant women should not use natural remedies without advices from any health care providers
 Agree236 (70.9)
 Uncertain32 (9.6)
 Disagree65 (19.5)
Belief on taking medication during pregnancy (summary index from 6 items)Total
(n = 333)
  1. aStatement selected into a 6-item summary index