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Table 2 The relationship between serum P level on the day of HCG administration and patient’s basic and clinical characteristics

From: Progesterone levels predict pregnancy outcomes in individuals with fallopian tube associated infertility

Parameter Pearson Correlation Coefficients P value
Age (y) 0.035 NS
BMI (kg/m2) -0.160 <0.001**
Duration of infertility (y) -0.032 NS
Basal FSH (IU/L) -0.012 NS
Total gonadotropin (IU) 0.005 NS
Duration of stimulation (days) -0.024 NS
Peak estradiol (pg/ml) 0.261 <0.001**
luteinizing hormone on HCG day (IU/L) 0.039 NS
No. of oocytes retrieved 0.158 <0.001**
  1. Note: Pearson correlation test was used to analyze the correlation between progesterone and those items
  2. NS not significant
  3. **, Correlation is significant <0.01 level
  4. *, Correlation is significant <0.05 level