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Table 3 Comparing the mean scores of men, s knowledge and attitude after the intervention between the three groups

From: Comparing the effect of group- based training along with text messaging and compact disc- based training on men’s knowledge and attitude about participation in perinatal care: a cluster randomized control trial

Variable Group- based training along with text messaging
Mean (SD)
CD- based training
Mean (SD)
Mean (SD)
Statistical test result
F P-value*
Knowledge 23.3 (2.0) 20.2 (4.0) 18.6(3.4) 28.79 001/0>
Attitude 68.7 (9.5) 67.0 (11.2) 69.0 (8.6) 4.82 011/0
  1. * P < 0.05 was considered significant