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Table 1 An overview of the studies which were included in the review (n = 4)

From: Cost-effectiveness evidence for strategies to promote or support breastfeeding: a systematic search and narrative literature review

First author (year of publication) Population Country Intervention
(studies reported usual or routine care as the comparator unless otherwise stated)
Desmond (2008) [27] Pregnant women (sub-group by HIV status) South Africa Complex intervention including (full implementation): group education at antenatal clinics, up to 4 antenatal home visits by a lay breastfeeding counsellor, 14 postnatal home visits. Three levels of implementation considered: full, simplifieda, and basicb.
Additional comparisons made between levels of implementation of intervention
Rice (2010) [28] Mothers of babies with low birth weight in neonatal units United Kingdom Enhanced staff contact to promote breastfeeding in a neonatal unit
Rubio-Rodríguez (2012) [29] Mothers of babies with low birth weight in neonatal units Spain Intensive promotion of breastfeeding in low birth weight babies
Chola (2015) [30] Pregnant women Uganda Community-based peer counselling conducted alongside breastfeeding promotion in facility-based maternal and child health services, including antenatal and postnatal services. Comparator was facility-based promotion only.
  1. aSimplified implementation: Less frequent pre-and post-natal visits, and more clinic based as opposed to home-based visits
  2. bBasic implementation: This scenario is entirely clinic-based
  3. HIV Human immunodeficiency virus