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Table 2 Key clinical outcomes

From: Implementation and evaluation of a quality improvement initiative to reduce late gestation stillbirths in Australia: Safer Baby Bundle study protocol

Clinical Outcomes Measure
Primary outcome Stillbirth at 28 weeks’ or more gestation in singleton pregnancies without lethal fetal congenital anomalies
Secondary outcomes Fetal/Neonatal Stillbirth; 20 weeks’ or more gestation; 28 weeks’ or more gestation; 37 or more weeks’ gestation; associated with substandard care factors (undetected FGR, poor DFM reporting or management); cause specific (PSANZ classificationa)
Neonatal death; early (within 7 days of birth) or late (within 7-28 days of birth)
Neonatal hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy (mild, moderate, or severe grading- ANZNN criteriab)
Small for gestational age; birthweight < 10th centile; birthweight < 3rd centile
Neonatal seizures
Preterm birth; early (birth before 32 weeks) or late (birth before 37 weeks)
Early term birth (birth 37-38 weeks)
Admission to nursery; special care and/or intensive care; length of stay
Need for respiratory support (defined using ANZNN criteriab)
Early and late onset neonatal infection (defined using ANZNN criteriab)
Maternal Induction of labour
Caesarean section; elective; emergency (caesarean section birth after labour)
Admission to intensive care
Unplanned returned to theatre
  1. aPerinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ) classification [30], bAustralian and New Zealand Neonatal Network (ANZNN) criteria [31]