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Table 4 Results of multivariate analysis for the risks of BPD

From: Risk factors for neonatal bronchopulmonary dysplasia in extremely preterm premature rupture of membranes: a retrospective study

  Odds ratio 95% CI P value
Gestational age at delivery for less than 24.1 weeks 18.80 1.160–306.0 < 0.05
CAM stage III in pathologic examination of the placenta 0.888 0.274–2.880 n.s.
Male sex of the neonate 1.630 0.523–5.080 n.s.
Small for gestational age(< 10% tile) 0.127 0.009–1.880 n.s.
Duration of oligohydramnios for more than 4 days before delivery 6.240 1.710–22.70 < 0.05
Use of positive pressure ventilation after birth 7.870 0.749–82.60 n.s.
  1. Multiple logistic analysis was used for multivariate analysis. n.s. not significant