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Table 1 Diagnostic criteria and blood glucose level targets once diagnosed for GDM [11]

From: An implementation science approach for developing and implementing a dietitian-led model of care for gestational diabetes: a pre-post study

Screening and diagnostic criteria for GDM
For women with 2 or more risk factors, [11] offer a 2-h 75 g OGTT in the first trimester. Women without risk factors or with a negative early OGTT, offer a 2-h 75 g OGTT at 24 to 26 weeks.
OGTT (preferred test for diagnosis)
One or more of: Fasting ≥92 mg/dL (5.1 mmol/L); 1 h ≥ 180 mg/dL (10 mmol/L); 2 h ≥ 153 mg/dL (8.5 mmol/L)
HbA1c (if OGTT not suitable)
First trimester only: ≥ 41 mmol/mol (or 5.9%)
Blood glucose level (BGL) targets for GDM patients once diagnosed
Self-measured capillary BGLs four times daily (fasting and 2 h post-main meals):
Fasting ≤90 mg/dL (5.0 mmol/L) plus 1 h after commencement of meal ≤133 mg/dL (7.4 mmol/L) OR 2 h after commencement of meal (preferred) ≤ 121 mg/dL (6.7 mmol/L)
  1. GDM Gestational diabetes mellitus; OGTT Oral glucose tolerance test, HbA1c Glycated haemoglobin