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Table 5 Mean number of weeks of exclusive breastfeeding and the mean number of weeks the child slept in the same room as the parents (in own cot) at 10 weeks after birth (t4)a

From: Effectiveness of a psycho-educational intervention for expecting parents to prevent postpartum parenting stress, depression and anxiety: a randomized controlled trial

  Intervention Control p-value
# weeks exclusive breastfeeding 7.66 (4.19) 7.26 (4.52) .78
# weeks room-sharing 8.64 (3.52) 9.12 (3.28) .77
  1. aFor room-sharing, only parents that slept with their child in the same room, while the child was in his or her own cot were taken into account (control, n = 51/ intervention, n = 50)