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Table 1 Vignette Topics and Questions with the Corresponding Theoretical Constructs

From: Insights on exclusive breastfeeding norms in Kinshasa: findings from a qualitative study

Vignette topic Construct measured Description of the construct Vignette question used to measure the construct
1. Empirical expectations regarding exclusive breastfeeding Empirical expectations (descriptive norms) What participants think others do, believe that most people do, or have seen most people do What would most 15–24-year-old FTMs in Marie’s situation do in this situation? Would they give the newborn water in addition to breastmilk?
2. Normative expectations regarding exclusive breastfeeding Normative expectations (injunctive norms) What participants think others believe they ought to do What would Cathy and most other FTMs expect Marie to do in this situation?
3. Positive and negative sanctions related to exclusive breastfeeding Sanctions Participants opinion of the consequences experienced as a result of deviating from the norm If Marie decided that in spite of what Cathy says she would exclusively breastfeed her baby for the first 6 months, what would Cathy and most other FTMs who are 15–24 years old say about Marie’s decision?
4. Influence of social network Conditional preferences Whether normative expectations regarding breastfeeding matter or whether people’s preferences are conditional on social expectations Would the opinions and reactions of her friends make Marie change her mind about practicing exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months?