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Table 1 Guidance for the participants interviews

From: Professional support during the postpartum period: primiparous mothers’ views on professional services and their expectations, and barriers to utilizing professional help

Additional questions were asked flexibly depending on the responses of the participants. The prompt questions for each theme were developed to be nonprescriptive and open-ended.
 1. What do you think about the current medical institutions, such as hospitals, community health centres, private clinics or other institutions in your resident areas?
 2. Could you please tell us about your experience of seeking help from health care professionals in the above-mentioned health care institutions?
 3. Do you like to seek help from health care professionals when you are in trouble? Why?
 4. Are there any difficulties or barriers when you need health care professional support? Please give us examples.
 5. Based on your experience, in what kind of situations or difficulties would you require assistance from health care professionals? In what kind of situations or difficulties would you not need any professionals’ help? Why? Please provide some examples.
 6. Please describe which health care professionals you need most after childbirth and please specify the services that you need most. Why?
 7. Do you have any recommendations for current health care professionals? What are your expectations for new health care services? Why?
 8. Please identify which method of health care service delivery that you prefer from health care professionals?