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Table 2 Patterns of Referral Recognition Sequence (RRS)

From: Communication in high risk ante-natal consultations: a direct observational study of interactions between patients and obstetricians

Type of RRS Example N
1. Immediate explicit RRS   9
a. ‘who from’ and ‘why’ “So your midwife … has asked you to come in and see us today because baby’s a little bit small?”
b. Immediate explicit RRS ‘who from’ with delayed ‘why’ SP: “So you’ve been referred to us by your midwife right?” … [SP reads notes]
PT: “So what is this appointment about today?”
2. Immediate implicit RRS “So because this is your first visit … I’ll ask you a few questions about yourself and then we’ll talk about the twins”
3. Elicitation of patient perspective   3
a. Immediate explicit RRS (‘who from’ and/or ‘why’) plus elicitation of PT perspective So the reason that you’ve been referred was that I understand that you had a bit of bleeding when you were in ((COUNTRY)). Okay, tell me a little bit about that”
b. Immediate elicitation of ‘why’ (with or without ‘who from’) “So I guess the first thing is, do you know why you’re here?”
  “alright so i’ve got a referral for you from the midwife just telling me a wee bit about you know why you’re here? obviously you guys are pregnant congratulations um, but, yeah do you wanna sort of tell me in your own words what’s sort of what’s been happening and where you’re at and, why you’re here”