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Table 3 Comparison between the ED relapsing group (detected during pregnancy) and non-relapsing group after delivery

From: The risk of eating disorder relapse during pregnancy and after delivery and postpartum depression among women recovered from eating disorders

 Temporary ED relapsing group n = 12Non-relapsing group n = 12 
Age at onset of diagnosis (years)15.9 (SD 1.4)17.3 (SD 4.4)NS
Disease duration (years)7.5 (SD 3.0)11.5 (SD 6.6)NS
Age at remission (years)23.4 (SD 3.9)28.8 (SD 5.2)P < 0.05
Age at pregnancy (years)24.8(SD 4.1)31.5 (SD 4.3)P < 0.05
Gestational age at delivery (weeks)38.3 (SD 1.4)38.8 (SD 0.7)NS
ED relapse during pregnancy (%)11 (91.7%)5 (41.7%)P < 0.05
Maternal Complications9 (75%)9 (75%)NS
Problems in the infant2 (12.5%)1 (12.5%)NS
Vaginal delivery7 (58.3%)12 (100%)P < 0.1
Infant weight (g)2813 (446)3044 (618)NS
Postpartum depression6 (50%)6 (50%)NS