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Table 1 Health Management Committee prioritised dreams

From: Health management committee strengthening and community mobilisation through women’s groups to improve trained health worker attendance at birth in rural Nepal: a cluster randomised controlled trial

DreamHMC dreamsHMC dreams achieved
Keep the HMC active1814
Increase health awareness in the community1812
Improve physical infrastructure167
Procure equipment for maternal and newborn care124
Upgrade the health facility (for example make an SHP an HP)112
Provide 24-h/effective delivery services109
Recruit an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife108
Maintain a user friendly environment in the health facility83
Start providing delivery services85
Fill vacant posts61
Buy an ambulance81
Improve cleanliness and the physical environment of the health facility62
Monitor and reward personnel and co-ordinate with other organisations62
Ensure the mobilisation of the FCHV53
Increase quality of health services51
Monitor and maintain regular attendance of staff and maintain opening hours42
Improve maternal and newborn health42
Register land in the name of the health institution30
Provide more services32
Conduct a family planning campaign22
Team building training for HMCs and health personnel21
Increase financial transparency11
Put up a notice board to track numbers of institutional deliveries11