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Table 3 Final coding frame

From: Improving pregnant women’s diet and physical activity behaviours: the emergent role of health identity

Theme Description
1) What keeps me from improving my health? Barriers to improving health or reaching goals
 1a. The way pregnancy makes me feel Pregnancy-specific experiences
 1b. I’m still recovering from labour Physical changes/impairments made it difficult to exercise post-birth
 1c. My focus has changed since giving birth Barriers related to having a new baby
 1d. My health is not a priority Lack of interest in own health
2) What things in my life help me to be healthy? Facilitators to improving health or reaching goals
 2a. I have always had a healthy lifestyle Being healthy comes naturally
 2b. People around me are healthy too Social support for improving health behaviours
 2c. My environment encourages healthy behaviours Environmental factors such as food availability or exercise facilities
3) How did I use pregnancy-specific resources? Use of available sources of information or support such as apps, books and classes
 3a. Baby’s development Reading about how the baby is growing and developing
 3b. Specific concerns Looking up specific symptoms or guidelines
 3c. To help me improve my health Advice or information related to improving diet or increasing physical activity
4) How much did I engage with the research nurses’ support? Experiences and engagement with the HCS intervention
 4a. I realised that they were trying to support me to set and reach health behaviour goals Participants describe the HC skills that the nurses used
 4b. The support I had helped me to be healthier How the HCS intervention encouraged behaviour change
 4c. I set goals and tried to meet them (or not) Engagement with goal-setting and effort made to reach those goals
5) Why do I want to be healthy? Motivators for wanting to improve diet or increase physical activity
 5a. I want to do the best I can for my children Focus on the baby’s health and development
 5b. I want to stay healthy or get healthier Focus on improvement or maintenance of own health
 5c. I don’t want to be fat Concerns about body weight