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Table 1 Interview discussion guide

From: Improving pregnant women’s diet and physical activity behaviours: the emergent role of health identity

General health in pregnancy
 What does it mean to you to have a healthy pregnancy? What factors are important?
 When you were pregnant, how did your health behaviours change?
 How important do you think it is to eat a healthy diet during pregnancy?
 How important do you think it is to exercise when you are pregnant?
Experience with behaviour change support during pregnancy
 What kinds of things did you talk to the research nurses about during your appointments?
 What goals did you set with them?
 What were your reasons for setting those goals?
 How important was it to reach the goals you set?
 What factors in your life supported you to reach your goals? What made it difficult?
 How did your conversations with the nurses affect your health behaviours?
 What else do you think could have helped you reach your goals or have a healthier pregnancy?