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Table 4 Multivariate logistic regression analysis for independent predictor variables for home deliveries in Torit County

From: “Midwives do not appreciate pregnant women who come to the maternity with torn and dirty clothing”: institutional delivery and postnatal care in Torit County, South Sudan: a mixed method study

The predictor variableAdjusted OR95% CIPvalue
ANC visit at least once0.010.0–7.980.168
Four or more ANC visits4.90.01–5.130.007
Complication during pregnancy1.450.51–4.1210.485
Complication during labour6.331.30–30.90.023
Planned person for delivery5.311.72–16.320.004
Main decision maker on place of delivery1.20.9–1.80.150
Paying for deliveries0.340.13–0.850.021
Maternal education1.100.00-0.999
Payam of residence0.040.004–0.3740.005