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Table 1 Participants’ characteristics (N = 33)

From: Healthcare professionals’ perceptions and experiences of using a cold cot following the loss of a baby: a qualitative study in maternity and neonatal units in the UK

 Midwives (i.e. Students = 3; Banda 5 = 1; Band 6 = 5; Band 7 = 7)16
 Maternity care assistants2
 Neonatal nurses (i.e. Band 5 = 4; Band 6 = 5; Band 7 = 3)12
 Doctors (i.e. consultant obstetrician; junior registrar)2
Working at:
Research Site (RS)
 RS I9
 RS II13
Had used the cold cot:
  1. aBands (ranging from 1 to 9) refer to the pay system that the British National Health Service (NHS) adopts and reflect years of experience, job responsibilities and required qualifications