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Table 4 Direct, Indirect and total effect of stressors and mediators on antenatal depression score among study participants (N = 916), Gondar town, Ethiopia, 2018

From: Antenatal depression and its potential causal mechanisms among pregnant mothers in Gondar town: application of structural equation model

PathwaysDirect effect β, SEIndirect effect β, SETotal effect β, SE
Marital agreement
never (1)---rarely(2)---sometimes(3)---most of the time (4)
Partner support
Never(1)---rarely(2)---some of the time (3) ---most of the time(4)---always (5)
Social support scale (0---14)−0.21(0.081)a−0.21(0.081)a
Adequate food access in the last 3 months
Intention for the current pregnancy
Fear of giving birth to the current pregnancy
History of common mental health disorder
  1. a ≤ 0.001, b < 0.01, β is standardized estimate