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Table 3 Results of main outcomes after CHW intervention

From: Increasing utilisation of perinatal services: estimating the impact of community health worker program in Neno, Malawi

Outcome (average per month)Posterior mean synthetic unit outcomeCHW intervention outcomePercentage change (%a, CrIb)
Number of new women enrolled in ANC839818 (8,29)
% of women starting ANC in first trimester1029200 (162, 234)
% of women completing 4 or more ANC visits293937% (31,43)
Number of monthly facility births8510220 (13, 28)
Postnatal care visits7950−37 (224, 170)
  1. Main outcomes of CHW intervention between synthetic unit and its control.
  2. a Percentage
  3. b Credible Interval