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Fig. 1

From: Increasing utilisation of perinatal services: estimating the impact of community health worker program in Neno, Malawi

Fig. 1

a-e Synthetic control analysis of CHW impact on perinatal use. The left column shows the intervention cluster outcome time series (solid line) and synthetic control time series (dashed line). The right column shows the difference between the treatment and synthetic control sites. 95% Credible interval is shown by the blue band. The synthetic control method was able to create a pre-intervention CHW time series that was similar with the counterfactual time series with CHW intervention time series lying within the 95% credible region of the counterfactual series. With the exception of Figure 1e, Figure 1(a-d) show an increase in CHW time series after intervention away from the counterfactual time series and its credible region, signifying increases in these outcomes after CHW implementation

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