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Table 5 Comparison of mothers’ total postnatal BSE with infants feeding status (two months after delivery)

From: Impacts of antenatal nursing interventions on mothers’ breastfeeding self-efficacy: an experimental study

Postnatal BSEControlP-Value (Two -Sided)ExperimentalP-Value (Two-Sided)
Infants feeding statusnMean (SD) nMean (SD) 
Exclusively BF1352.00 (10.5)< 0.0012957.69 (4.86)< 0.001
Partially BF3041.46 (6.17) 1952.11 (5.16) 
Formula feeding1139.45 (4.55) 436.00 (16.15) 
  1. Pearson Chi-squared test was performed for statistical analysis