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Table 2 Iron and Folic Acid uptake and Compliance (n = 313)

From: A root cause analysis of sub-optimal uptake and compliance to iron and folic acid supplementation in pregnancy in 7 districts of Zambia

Took Iron and Folic Acid
 No Response31.0
First Took Iron and Folic Acid
 First Trimester8527.2
 Second Trimester19261.3
 Third Trimester247.7
 No Response123.8
Iron Tablets Source
 Health Facility29995.5
 Community Health Worker10.3
 Bought from a Pharmacy00.0
 No Response113.5
Type of Iron Tablets
 No Response196
Took All Iron Tablets Given
 No Response196.07
Took All Folic Acid Tablets Given
 No Response3210.2