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Table 1 Participant Characteristics (N = 60)

From: Why do women deliver where they had not planned to go? A qualitative study from peri-urban Nairobi Kenya

Age of Respondent, median (IQR)26 (22–29)
Age of Respondent, mean (range)26.3 (19–42)
Marital Status, n (%)
 Single5 (8.3)
 Partner2 (3.3)
 Married52 (86.7)
 Separated1 (1.7)
Literacy, n (%)
 High level of literacy36 (60.0)
 Moderate/low level of literacy24 (40.0)
Education, n (%)
 Primary school or less18 (30.0)
 Some level of secondary school36 (60.0)
 Post-secondary school6 (10.0)
Income, median (IQR) in thousands
 Monthly earning (Participant)0 (0–2)
 Monthly earning (Husband)12 (7.6–24)
Number of facilities considered at baseline
 Mean (SD)3.5 (1.3)
First Birth, n (%)
 Yes18 (30)
 No42 (70)