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Table 5 Percentage distribution of knowledge of mothers regarding maternal care attributes (n = 250)

From: Knowledge on postnatal care among postpartum mothers during discharge in maternity hospitals in Asmara: a cross-sectional study

Baby care attributesFrequencyPercentage
Keeping the baby warma
 Skin to skin contact176.8
 Wrap the baby with clothe24999.6
First baby bath time
 After 6 h2710.8
 After 24 h6726.8
 After 1 week176.8
 After 3 days8333.2
 I don’t know218.4
Umbilical care mechanism
 Clean and dry14777.4
 Apply butter2814.7
 Apply cow dung10.5
 Apply vaseline/oil7931.7
 I don’t know147.4
Initiation of breast feeding
 Within 30 min22188.4
 Within 1hour239.2
 Within two to 3 hours52.0
 Within 6 hours10.4
Frequency of breast feeding/day
 At least 8 times18574.0
 If baby cries2610.4
 At least 4 to 6 times249.6
 I don’t know156.0
Duration of exclusive breast feeding
 3 Months72.8
 4 Months31.2
 6 Months23794.8
 1 year31.2
Purpose of vaccination
 To prevent disease23794.8
 I don’t know135.2
  1. aPercent might exceed 100 because of multiple response.