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Table 5 Frequency and percent of specific dietary practice related variables among pregnant women in Dessie town, northeastern Ethiopia, 2017 G.C, (N = 604)

From: Factors associated with dietary practice and nutritional status of pregnant women in Dessie town, northeastern Ethiopia: a community-based cross-sectional study

Crave food not normally consumed*
Avoid any food items during current pregnancy*
Reason of avoiding food items
 Personal dislike17929.6
 Makes fetus big172.8
Follow specific dietary regime*
Meal frequency
 < 3 meals28447
 3 meals32053
Eat snack between meals during current pregnancy*
Skipping any meal during current pregnancy*
Skipped Which meals
Eat protein rich foods during current pregnancya
Habits of eating fresh fruits and vegetablesa
Use iodized salta
Time of adding salt into cooking food
 At the end of cooking37662.2
 At the middle of cooking7612.6
 At the beginning of cooking14624.2
 Cook without any salt61.0
Amount of fluid drunk per day
 Less than a liter35859.3
 1–1.5 l16827.8
 More than 1.5 l7812.9
Include the following in fluid
 Fruit juice8313.7
 Herbal tea28847.8
Follow weight gain during current pregnancy
  1. aThe remaining numbers (frequency) of participants belongs to “No” response