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Table 3 Adjusted pooled logistic regression analysis for progression of preeclampsia according to age-specific AMH quartiles

From: Association between ovarian reserve and preeclampsia: a cohort study

 aOR (95% CI)p-value
aAge-specific AMH
 1st Quartile1.48 (0.89, 2.48)0.1
 2nd Quartile1.02 (0.74–2.54)0.8
 3rd Quartile0.97 (0.54–1.74)0.9
 4th Quartile1(reference group) 
  1. aOR adjusted odds ratio; AMH anti-mullerian hormone; BMI body mass index
  2. aAge-specific AMH was calculated using the exponential–normal three-parameter model
  3. Model was adjusted for smoking status, BMI, systolic blood pressure and family history of hypertension