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Table 2 Interview for the mothers

From: Experiences of interactive ultrasound examination among women at risk of preterm birth: a qualitative study

Interview for the mothers
The interviewer revises the meaning of the interview shortly and checks the health and the willingness of the woman at the moment.
1. Experience of the interactive ultrasound examination
How did you experience the interactive ultrasound examination?
Did it differ from your previous experiences of ultrasound examinations? How did it differ?
What did you think about the examination room and how we were settled there?
What kind of thoughts did you have during ultrasound examination?
What did you think about your baby?
How did it feel to look at your baby and his/her movements together with the obstetrician?
• Feelings towards the baby?
• Feelings about your parenthood?
• Feeling about the attachment towards the baby?
What kind of emotions did the interactive ultrasound examination awake in you?
• positive/negative emotions?
Did your observations change the mental image or thoughts about the baby?
If you were offered a new opportunity to participate in interactive ultrasound examination, would you take part?
Did you miss something or was there something that could have been done differently?
Did you experience this useful or supportive? If yes, how?
2. Experience about emotional support during this pregnancy
What kind of mood have you been lately?
Have you longed for emotional support las days?
Do you feel like you have got the kind of emotional support lately, that you needed?
• If yes, what kind of support?
• If no, what kind of support you would have needed?
If support was offered from the prenatal ward regularly to the families, what kind of support would it be?
What would be the best option for you: psychologist’s appointments, peer support groups, interactive ultrasound examinations, learning videos?
Have you met neonatologist? How did you experience it?
3. Did the interactive ultrasound examination offer enough support?
(This question can be skipped if the interviewee has previously answered that interactive ultrasound examination was useless)
Suggestions for improvement if the interviewee experiences the session useful
4. What would be good psychological support during pregnancy in your case?